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Archiv für August 27th, 2010

Väter sind bereit sich mit anderen Männern auszutauschen und von ihnen zu lernen

Erstellt von Hans-Georg Nelles am 27. August 2010

Vor kurzem habe ich an dieser Stelle über die Studie ‘The New Dad – Exploring Fatherhood Within a Careers Context’ berichtet. Im August Newsletter des Sloan Work and Family Research Network at Boston College äußert sich einer der Autoren der Studie, Brad Harrington, zu den Konsequenzen aus der Untersuchung für weitere Forschungsansätze und für Arbeitgeber.

… What additional research about dads would be useful?

There are so many possible avenues to pursue; it would be tough to nail a few down. We would love to see more exploration of fathers’ experiences with children at different life stages (e.g., school age, teenagers, college students). We would be interested to learn more about single fathers as well as to study the experience of stay-at-home fathers.

They are still a small minority—only about 5% of stay-at-home parents are men in the U.S. But they are an interesting group to study because they can tell us a lot about how men function in caregiving roles. As one of our colleagues says, being an effective caregiver or parent isn’t about gender, it’s about competencies.

… How can workplaces support today’s dads and working families?

… First, recognize how much the equation for families and fathers has changed. Second, promote work-life programs in gender-neutral fashions. Stop making only women the role models for your work-life initiatives. For the culture to change, we need to really send a strong emphatic message that men are 50% of the equation. Finally, provide forums where men and fathers can talk about their work-family challenges. Weiterlesen »

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