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Archiv für Juni 9th, 2009

4 Tipps für Stay-at-Home Dads

Erstellt von Hans-Georg Nelles am 9. Juni 2009

Brad Kane, Vater und Schriftsteller aus Marlborough, Massachusetts gibt Vätern, die ihren Job mit Kindern und Haushalt erledigen Tipps, wie sie mit sich und ihren Partnerinnen besser klar kommen können.

1. Combat isolation: Without the traditional outside contacts of work and leisure, branch out in nontraditional ways. Volunteer at your child’s school; talk with other parents at the park or playgroup, even if they are all women; set up playtimes with other stay-at-home dads.

2. Keep cool about crying: Often as first-time providers, stay-at-home dads aren’t prepared for the stress of extended crying fits from a child.

3. Be confident: Show your wife that your methods work, too. My wife criticized me for letting our child cry in her room for as long as 20 minutes. While it took Maggie several days to adjust, my wife eventually agreed with my method when we both got to sleep through the night.

4. Redefine a day’s goals: Stay-at-home dads must still realize the value in what they are doing and not get caught up in the usual measures of success, like money earned.


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