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Archiv für April 24th, 2010

Hinweisschilder für aktive Vaterschaft

Erstellt von Hans-Georg Nelles am 24. April 2010

Im Vorfeld der Wahlen in Großbritannien hat das Fatherhood Institut ‘Six Signposts for Fatherhood’ aufgestellt und die Aussagen der Parteien zur Vaterschaft analysiert.

Many families are looking for change. They want to take seriously the roles fathers, as well as mothers, play in their children’s lives; and find better ways of balancing breadwinning and caring responsibilities. These six signposts show key directions for future policy which would help all fathers to do their best for their families.

In its Six Signposts for Fatherhood, the Fatherhood Institute has set out six key policy changes that should form part of the next phase of British family policy. They are:

  1. Fathers should get more leave when their baby is born
  2. Paternity leave should be paid at 90% of salary
  3. New fathers should get more information
  4. More fathers should be able to work flexibly
  5. Services should include fathers
  6. Fathers who do not live with their children should be supported to stay connected.

Die detailierten Forderungen sind in einer Broschüre dargelegt.


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